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Energy is Born

Energy was born around 17 billion years ago when our universe was created in a gigantic explosion called the Big Bang. At first, the universe was almost all energy at tremendously high temperatures. As the universe expanded and cooled, some of the energy formed matter. While the universe has continued to evolve, it is still made up of these two components, matter and energy. This energy produced in the big bang is the same energy that we use today to run our radios, in the gasoline that powers our cars, and in the food we eat that gives us the energy to live. This energy is what this website is all about.

big bang graphic


More on the Big Bang

It took thousands of years after the big bang for the universe to cool enough for even simple atoms to form. And it took millions of years for the stars and galaxies that we see in the sky to form. Below is a pictorial representation of the evolution of the big bang. Place the mouse over the buttons to change the graphics.

Courtesy of schoolscience, BNFL, and PPARC (Particle Physics and Research Astonomy Reserach Council) Big Bang Page

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